Eyestrain & Blue Light: Prevention

Woman rubbing her eyes due to eye strainEyestrain is one of the leading symptoms of excessive blue light exposure. Many experience this during the workday if they are working on the computer for the majority of the time. Another way that you can experience eyestrain is through playing video games for an extended period. Usually, this symptom is somewhat mild, but it demands a solution when eyestrain is a common occurrence. Eyestrain can cause headaches behind the eyes, difficulty keeping them open, blurred or double vision, and dry or watery eyes. Much of the time those who experience eyestrain don’t do anything to solve it. Typically, this is because don’t know that there is a solution to their issue available to them. They think that eyestrain is just another part of the workday. The truth is, it doesn’t need to be.

Eyestrain: Do You Have It?

You will likely be able to tell if you experience eyestrain right away. Many know the feeling at the tail end of the workday after you have been staring at a screen for six hours; you can help but rub your eyes and they feel a little puffy and difficult to keep open. Note, this is more than just your run-of-the-mill tiredness. Those with eyestrain will likely experience some headaches, ranging from minor to severe. Some don’t experience headaches but exude other symptoms like dry eyes, watery eyes, or even difficulty concentrating. An easy way to determine whether you are dealing with eyestrain or normal tiredness is by giving your eyes a break. If the symptoms begin to fade while you give your eyes a break, you are likely experiencing eyestrain. The truth is, many people experience eyestrain every day and don’t know it.

Eyestrain: What Causes It?

Man rubbing eyes due to eye strainThe leading cause of eyestrain is excess screen time. More specifically, the cause is blue light. Virtually all screens we use today emit blue light to their users whenever they are in use. Some experience eyestrain from other sources, as other sources can emit blue light. For example, the sun emits blue light to us every single day. The difference is that these blue light rays are not as direct as the ones our screens emit to us. Either way, many have reported symptoms of eyestrain while driving for extended periods. Even though eyestrain is typically caused by screen usage, any activity that requires concentration for extended periods with exposure to blue light will cause eye strain. This is why it is typical that those who experience eyestrain work with a computer or play video games. These are the times in which individuals tend to take in an unnatural amount of blue light.

Those who work through a computer every day are the largest group to experience eyestrain from screen usage. This was only exacerbated during the Covid-19 pandemic as many left the office and had to connect with their co-workers through the screen. Even those who do go into the office still receive a high dosage of blue light.

Gamers are the second largest category of those experiencing eyestrain from screen usage. Many doctors, or anyone in the medical field for that matter, will recommend stepping away from the screen every thirty minutes. However, most gamers don’t like the idea of this solution. If you are in the middle of a game with friends, it can be very inconvenient to leave every 30 minutes to give your eyes a rest. Instead, you can cure eyestrain caused by screen usage in one of three ways.

Eyestrain: How Do You Cure It?

Man rubbing eyes due to eye strain from computerThe best cure for eyestrain is not exposing them to blue light and high amounts of screen usage. This would look like taking breaks from the screen every 30 minutes to every hour. We know that this can be extremely inconvenient, especially for those at work or playing video games. This is why we developed the next two solutions.

The second and most widely known solution is buying a pair of blue light glasses. These are also referred to as computer glasses, gaming glasses, or even sleep glasses. They are used to filter out blue light, primarily from screens, to help with eyestrain. Most people have heard of blue light glasses, but don’t know the major difference between blue light glasses. Most blue light glasses don’t even block fifty percent of all blue light going into your eyes. Many purchase cheaply made blue light glasses to help with eyestrain and experience little to no relief. LowBlueLight products are the only blue light filters that block 100% of blue light. If you have tried to use blue light blocking glasses in the past, but did not see any results, it may be the products that you were using.

The third solution to eye strain would be a screen filter for your phone, computer, or tablet that blocks blue light. Similar to blue light glasses, these products rarely block more than fifty percent of blue light coming off of the screen. However, LowBlueLights’ products all block 100% of blue light. These filters are available for mobile, desktop, laptop, tablets, and even tv screens. These filters can be extremely helpful for those who already wear prescription glasses. We do offer filters to fit over prescription glasses, however, screen filters can be used for those who don’t want to double up.

Eyestrain: You’ve Won The Battle!

A group of people gathered in a conference room smiling and talkingSay goodbye to eyestrain. After getting your blue light glasses or screen filter, there is no need to worry about eyestrain or your headaches any longer. You will be able to work the way you’re supposed to. By that, we mean work without the negative effects of blue light dragging you down.

If your more concerned with gaming, you can wave goodbye to taking breaks to rest your eyes. Instead, pick up a pair of our computer glasses and get back into the game. If gaming glasses aren’t your style, consider a screen filter for your tv, desktop, or laptop.

In Short…

Eyestrain is a real problem that many people experience in the office or at home. It can cause headaches, dry eyes, and other annoying symptoms. Eyestrain is usually caused by excess exposure to blue light. Instead of giving up the screens, consider getting a pair of blue light glasses or gaming glasses to stay in the office or get back to your game!

Done Suffering From Eyestrain?

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