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Q: How can I fall asleep more easily?

Q: How can I fall asleep more easily?

A: By using Low Blue Lights or LowBlueLight eyewear in the hours before bedtime, your melatonin level will rise.  Just be sure not to expose your eyes to any kind of light that may contain blue wavelengths, such as white light, without using the LowBlueLight products.  This may negate the effects. 

Q: What feedback have you received from customers?

Q: What feedback have you received from customers?

A: Following are some responses we have had from customers:


From an M.D. sleep specialist:


I just sent an e-mail to Dr. Carome letting him know that I have given away the 3 glasses that he gave me, and all 3 patients are now sleeping like babies!! I am in awe!



From a M.D. sleep specialist:

I wanted to share with you that my most challenging insomnia patient was able to sleep a full 5-6 hours consecutively every night he used the glasses. He wants to buy all lights and filters for his house!



From a student:


My experiment with the glasses turned out remarkably well.  I would put the glasses on one hour before bedtime eachNight.  Not only did I fall asleep within 10 minutes ofactually trying to fall asleep, I also did not wake up inthe middle of the night or only woke up once.  This is quitean improvement from my normal sleep pattern.
From a person with DSPS:

Your eyewear has made a tremendous difference in my life in only 4 weeks! I am now getting to bed by midnight each night for the first time in 11 years. I have struggled with delayed sleep phase syndrome all of my life. I felt the effects from wearing your glasses immediately. I started having vivid dreams and slept very soundly. I woke up early each morning and was ready for bed earlier each night. I actually found myself taking a walk at 8:00A.M. this week. Amazing for someone who never used to even wake up until noon!

When I ordered these glasses, my husband referred to them as my “Quack Quack glasses” because he figured it was just yet another New Age product from a “bunch of quacks” who made promises that they could not deliver. He does not call them that now. Now we call them my “Miracle Glasses.”



From a very satisfied customer:


Kay had to surrender her glasses to our daughter this weekend.  Kay would need to wrestle my glasses from my cold dead fingers!  We will be placing another order this week.



Date: Thu 9 Nov 10:28:36 EST 2006
Thanks for the inquiry. Yes, the glasses  have been helpful…I try to be rigorous about wearing them, but it is difficult. Coincidentally, I have changed   medications ( not sleep meds)  and that has helped sleep as well. Hard to say how much is each with several determinants.


Date: Thu 16 Nov 15:01:56 EST 2006

I use these for reading prior to bed time and find I get sleepy and am able to initiate sleep at a more appropriate time.  If I awake in middle of night and have trouble falling asleep again, I wear the glasses and read, rather than worry about sleep, and find I return to sleep more easily than if I read w/o the glasses.




Date: Sun 19 Nov 11:50:59 EST 2006

My husband used the glasses when he was having trouble relaxing before bed. He said they were very soothing and seemed to help. However, he now falls asleep fairly easily and has stopped using the glasses. However, when just asked he said he would like to start using them again..




Date: Tue 21 Nov 17:09:30 EST 2006

When i remember, I use them, especially with computer monitor.  I think they help, but not dramatically.



Date: Sun 26 Nov 19:37:34 EST 2006

i do find the glasses to be beneficial.  they have helped me develop a more structured sleep pattern.  My doctor had given me a trial pair, so after my purchase i was able to return his loan of the glasses.  He was ready to give them to another patient.  I would recommend them to anyone struggling with sleep problems, as an alternative to medicine.






Date: Mon 27 Nov 19:51:55 EST 2006
I actually do want to write a more detailed reply to your query.  In
short, yes, I think the “blue shields” have had a positive influence on
my sleeping.  And yes, I still wear them about two hours before I want
to go to bed.  What might be of particular interest to you is this:
beginning in early November I switched from 2nd shift to 1st.  I used
the “blue shields” to help me transition to getting up before the sun –
something I had not done in 20 months.




Date: Tue 28 Nov 21:45:55 EST 2006

I have been using the glasses during the week but not in the weekends.  I can tell you that I noticed a difference when I sue them.  I got to sleep more less a the same time every day. When i have been wearing the glasses i have been able to fall asleep easier and to have a better quality of sleep suring the night.


Thanks you.







Date: Wed 29 Nov 12:57:19 EST 2006

Yes, I purchased sleep glasses and an assortment of amber bulbs to help my wife sleep better.

As I studied our overall sleep environment I also noticed light from a street lamp across the street and decided to also invest in better drapes.  It took 2 sets of overlapping Wamsutta “hotel” drapes with “blackout panels” (purchased at Linens `N Things) to get it dark enough to not be able to see, for example, your own hand held at arm`s length.

Beyond question my wife is happy with your products, continuing to use them, and starting to tell others about them.  Even more remarkable from my perspective is at a recent large family Thanksgiving gathering, even the younger people seemed riveted to this topic, and eager to learn more.  Amazing to behold.  That alone made the investment worthwhile 🙂


Date: Thu 30 Nov 10:29:57 EST 2006


Yes, I start wearing the glasses at 8 pm (unless I`m away from home). I

think they help my sleep, but since I take 3 mg. of melatonin at 10 pm it`s

hard to weed it out.  My eyes do get dry when wearing them, but they`re

pretty comfortable and I can wear my reading glasses with them.


My main reason for getting them was the breast cancer link. I`ve been

diagnosed with atypical ductal hyperplasia and am going in for an

excisional biopsy soon to see if there is any associated carcinoma. My hope is that they will help me stop this disease.


I tried the lightbulbs also so I wouldn`t have to wear the glasses while reading, but the light is too soft to be used as one of the room lights. Plus, one of the lightblubs burned out already. I`ll continue to wear the glasses and use the nightlights.





Tue 5 Dec 10:57:34 EST 2006

Thanks for the follow-up. I do believe they are helping. I did wear them prior to the surgery @ about 2 hours prior to bedtime & @ 2 weeks.I have too many variables right now to give you a controlled answer. I had a surgery yesterday, somnoplasty, to help with the obstructive sleep apnea. I have also used  a bi-pap machine & have had the uvula removal surgery. I am hopeful the combination of the 2, surgery & the glasses will help. Your premise for the production of melatonin makes perfect sense to me. I normally watch tv or work on the computer when I am awakened with an apnea. I wear the glasses after that occurrence. I seem to be able to go back to sleep faster & get into rem sleep with the glasses than before. I wear prescription glasses, so I wear your glasses over them. Yours is a wrap around design for a reason I would guess so that all blue light is blocked.






Date: Tue 5 Dec 14:06:04 EST 2006

yes, I purchased the glasses a month ago and have used them for2 hours prior to bed everynight. I really do think they are helping my sleep!!!. I have had a lifetime of sleep problems as well as I am a breast cancer survivor  so anything I can try to get more and quality rest I will do. I am very pleased with your glasses and thank you for making them available. What a great option other than a pill! Nancy




Date: Wed 6 Dec 12:40:58 EST 2006
I use them at the computer at work. Sometimes, when I remember I use them at home when watching t.v.  Yes, they are benefiting me.






Thu 7 Dec 00:07:37 EST 2006

I have not purchased any sleepglasses; I have purchased a lightbulb and think it is great.





Date: Thu 14 Dec 16:45:15 EST 2006
I did not have any clear need for the glasses (no sleep problems or body clock issues) when I purchased the glasses. I purchased them as a proactive step to minimize blue light effects on my body clock. I have been using the glasses primarily when I use my computer or watch TV at night. I am very pleased with the purchase. I have been measuring my body temperature on days when I wear and don`t wear the glasses and so far it appears the amplitude of body temperature rhythm might be greater with use of the glasses — which based upon my knowledge of circadian body temperature I would interpret as an improvement.






 Tue 19 Dec 08:37:07 EST 2006

Thank you for your follow up message. Yes, I have found the sleep glasses to be of benefit. I use them when I watch TV at night, and I find that I can go right sleep when I turn the TV off, rather than my previous pattern of being up and somewhat “wired” after watching TV at night. (Not that being able to watch more TV is a good thing necessarily! but it does give me a chance to unwind after a long day.)


By the way, I got to your site from, which I found to be a very informative site. I am not bi-polar but I have started using light therapy in the winters for seasonal affective disorder, and his site provided very helpful background references.


Best wishes for the continued growth of your product line.




Date: Thu 28 Dec 18:31:14 EST 2006
Sorry for the delay in replying to your note.  The glasses are a God-send.  You can pry my glasses from my cold dead fingers!  Occasionally I will forget to get my glasses on and I want to tell you, I am panicked!  My wife continues to snore.  Before the glasses I might spend one to two nights a week on the couch after being awakened in the middle of the night.  The couch misses me!  I continue to refer anyone who will listen to your web site.  Hope your project is progressing.
Best regards,


Date: Thu 4 Jan 09:17:47 EST 2007

I have been using the sleep glasses.  Although I don’t fall asleep quickly, there has only been one night since November that I have not been able to get to sleep within about thirty minutes.  I will continue to use them; I feel that I am still experimenting.




 Thu 11 Jan 16:24:10 EST 2007

I like using the combination of glasses, yellow light bulb in bedside  lamp, and yellow night light. I turn them all on around 7PM every evening, and they help me wind

down so that by 9PM I can go to bed and get to sleep immediately. They are lifesavers!

Thank you,






Date: Thu 11 Jan 18:31:54 EST 2007

Yes, I am continuing to wear the glasses.

And YES! they do seem to work!  I feel tired much earlier in the evening, am sleeping better, and waking earlier!

I think the concept brilliant and am very pleased with the investment.


We are also using the computer screen (nearly all of the time)… and think this is a wise safety precaution.


We are considering also lightbulbs throughout the house that have no blue light.


Thank you for your work—we have benefitted from it greatly!







Date: Tue 16 Jan 11:53:50 EST 2007

Yes, I love my sleep glasses.  I“ve been wearing them
since I received them and I think they are very
beneficial to my consistent sleep patterns.



Date: Mon 5 Feb 12:53:40 EST 2007

The glasses do seem to be helping — I use them in the evening to watch TV and then keep them on until in master bedroom — I also put the amber lightbulbs in master bedroom and the nightlight in the master bath.  My sleep seems more natural and deeper, with dreams but not nightmarish dreams (as with swallowing a melatonin tablet).  Was previously taking a melatonin lozenge (sublingually to avoid nightmares, which are common with women who use melatonin orally) at bedtime, but now rarely have to use the supplement.  Sleeping pills of ANY type just do not work for me and leave me terribly groggy the next day.


I have had low output of cortisol for several years (per saliva testing), which is purportedly the cause of my insomnia, but now feel that there is a chance for recovery from this wretched condition.  THANKS

Q: Will I notice an immediate change by using these products?

Q: Will I notice an immediate change by using these products?

A: It generally takes most people a few days before their circadian rhythms, their body’s internal clocks, can adjust. So be patient.