Sleeping Glasses

Sleeping glasses block 100% of blue light and should be worn in the hours before bedtime. Doing this helps your brain produce melatonin by blocking out the blue light to let your brain know that it is late/dusk. Before electronics, our circadian rhythms would sync naturally with the sun. Now that we have fluorescent lights and electronic screens that produce blue lights our brains think it is still daytime at night. Wearing sleeping glasses will help your brain transition into sleep and allow you to get more sleep and better quality sleep.

If you wear seeing glasses you may want to look at our fitover blue light blocking glasses so that you can still wear your seeing glasses under them while blocking blue light before sleep.

Sleep glasses are great to pair with our red (amber) night light so that when you wake up in the middle of the night you are not exposed to blue light making it hard to go back to sleep.

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