What LBL Does

Welcome to LowBlueLights.com.  Since 2005, LBL has  developed and marketed special Sleep Glasses, lighting products and filters for today’s technology that eliminate nighttime blue light ultimately improving both your sleep and overall health.  Your body produces the important hormone melatonin, also known as the sleep hormone, in the absence of blue light.  A vast amount of research has shown that increasing your body’s melatonin level will dramatically improve your sleep.  Melatonin is produced by a small gland in the brain called the pineal gland only while in darkness.  Exposing your eyes to everyday light sources in the evening shuts down your body’s melatonin production.  Specifically it’s the blue rays in ordinary light that’s the problem as only this blue component shuts down melatonin production.  LowBlueLights eyewear, lighting products and filters eliminate only the blue region of light spectrum.  Using LBL products two to three hours before retiring allows melatonin to be produced well before going to bed.  While using these unique products blue colors will appear black or grey and the remaining colors will appear unchanged allowing normal nighttime activities such as reading, watching television, computer use, gaming and so on.  From sunset to sunrise, LowBlueLights.com has your nighttime blues covered.