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Another Satisfied User

Don’t worry, I am spreading the word everywhere I go. Your eyewear has made a tremendous difference in my life in only 4 weeks! I am now getting to bed by midnight each night for the first time in 11 years. I have struggled with delayed sleep phase syndrome all of my life. It got especially bad 11 years ago when I got laid off from my job and I started staying up until 3 or 4 A.M.. After several years, I could NOT get to bed earlier than 3:30A.M.  If I tried, I would wake up 2 or 3 hours later, wide awake, as if I had just taken a nap. I tried everything. I tried going to bed one or two hours earlier. I tried going all the way around the clock, staying up 3 hours later each day, going to bed 3 hours later. It was pretty brutal and the effects lasted about 2 or 3 nights.

I felt the effects from wearing your glasses immediately. I started having vivid dreams and slept very soundly. I woke up early each morning and was ready for bed earlier each night. My appetite increased and I woke up hungry each morning. While I started eating more and more frequently due to an increased appetite, I also started losing inches! I measured my hips, waist, chest, etc. and everything was down an inch or more! (I am morbidly obese so this was very welcome. I have tried for years to lose weight without success.) And now I am in bed by midnight every night. I am shooting for 10:00P.M. but for now, I am VERY happy with midnight compared to 4 or 5 A.M.! I actually found myself taking a walk at 8:00A.M. this week. Amazing for someone who never used to even wake up until noon!

My brother is diabetic and my mother has Alzheimer’s and diabetes. I bought each of them the amber LED nightlights. (I couldn’t quite sell them on the eyewear yet.) It occurred to me that because of his diabetes, my brother is up several times during the night. He puts on his bright overhead light. I realized he was probably as melatonin deprived as I was. I convinced him to stop putting on his bedroom light and to just use the nightlight in the bathroom. He has only been using the nightlight for 3 nights but he already reports feeling more rested, sleeping deeply with vivid dreams, and waking up before his alarm goes off. He is not having to get up as frequently to void either. He is very excited. He said to me tonight, “I look at that little light and think, ‘Could this be a placebo effect? Could this little light really make that much difference?’

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Nancy T.

I just have to share my story with you.  About three years ago my husband just quit sleeping.  He could not fall asleep no matter what.  He went to sleep specialists, regular medical doctors, was referred to a sleep clinic, spent time in the emergency room, took all available over the counter sleep aids, bought a sound machine, tried health food store sleep aides such as melatonin as well as others, then went to prescription medicines to try to sleep. Nothing seemed to work.  We were at our wits end.

One day I was reading Andrew Weil’s Newsletter and found an article on sleep problems and the mention of the Zzz low blue glasses.  I immediately ordered them although I expected to be disappointed but with the guarantee of a full refund if they did not work, how could I lose.Wow!  The first night and ever since then my husband can barely get his head on the pillow before falling asleep. It’s a miracle.  I can’t say enough good things about these glasses.  I don’t know how they work but I do know that they work and that’s all I care about.  Thank you for making sleep possible at my house.

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Sincerely, Laura S.

I just wanted to let you know how much your glasses have changed my life.  I had chronic insomnia for over 10 years, I had tried everything, even sleeping pills did not work.  I have slept every night since I have gotten your glasses.  Only a couple nights I did not wear them and I could really tell the difference!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Sincerely ,

Laura S.

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Matt Trenkle, Assoc. AIA, GSG Architecture

In appreciation for this, I would like to let you know how happy I am to have purchased these glasses and how much better I feel with them, day in and day out. I originally came to learn about the damaging effects of artificial light at night by reading the book “Lights Out: Sleep Sugar and Survival” by T.S. Wiley and Brent Formby, Ph.D. Upon reading the book I purchased a pair of generic red lensed sun glasses, not knowing that lowbluelights.com offered specialized sun glasses. After some searching on google, I came across your awesome website and I am grateful I did because the glasses and lights I purchased are instrumental in giving me amazing sleep, immunity, comfort and strong  and even energy levels throughout the day. I believe artificial light is responsible more than any other source for all the diseases and cancers we see around us today and could not recommend highly enough that everyone avoid blue light when the sun goes down by purchasing a pair of one of these amazing glasses.

You may re print or publish any or all of that onto your website or promotional material. I would like to let you know also that my recent girlfriend has decided to purchase glasses for herself and her child.


Matt Trenkle, Assoc. AIA

GSG Architecture

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Sincerely, Robin

I discovered your glasses a couple years back and after dealing with severe Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder my entire life, they’ve literally been life-changing. I expect to be wearing them for the rest of my life. That being said, there are certain activities (taking showers, going swimming, putting on eye makeup, etc) that are difficult to do while wearing glasses. I know blue-blocker contact implants exist but obviously that wouldn’t help. Are there any plans to make blue-blocker contact lenses? (If not, please please please consider it?)



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Sincerely, Anne W

Thank you SOOO much for sending me a new pair of yellow glasses.  They are really great and fit really well.  A lot better than the other ones.  Please forgive me for not thanking you earlier.  I am blown away by your sending some for free. Thank you so much.  I have blessed your company so many times in my heart and in my prayers. I think you are doing a great job and it is much appreciated. All the very best to your lovely and wonderful business.


Anne W

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Cordially, Tosca.

I really don’t know how to thank you and I’m so sincerely sorry for all the trouble.  Your product is very good for me (hence me being so anxious to get back to regular use of it); and your understanding and customer service ethic are outstanding. Please forward this to your supervisor to let them know my sentiments. Also, I’ll be singing your praises to others!

And yes, I have a family member who would be most grateful to have the Classics II pair after initially ridiculing me for looking ’ludicrous’ whilst wearing them at night!!!   All the very best to you and once again my most sincere thanks.



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