Nancy T.

I just have to share my story with you.  About three years ago my husband just quit sleeping.  He could not fall asleep no matter what.  He went to sleep specialists, regular medical doctors, was referred to a sleep clinic, spent time in the emergency room, took all available over the counter sleep aids, bought a sound machine, tried health food store sleep aides such as melatonin as well as others, then went to prescription medicines to try to sleep. Nothing seemed to work.  We were at our wits end.

One day I was reading Andrew Weil’s Newsletter and found an article on sleep problems and the mention of the Zzz low blue glasses.  I immediately ordered them although I expected to be disappointed but with the guarantee of a full refund if they did not work, how could I lose.Wow!  The first night and ever since then my husband can barely get his head on the pillow before falling asleep. It’s a miracle.  I can’t say enough good things about these glasses.  I don’t know how they work but I do know that they work and that’s all I care about.  Thank you for making sleep possible at my house.

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