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Circadian rhythm

Blue Light and the Effects on the Circadian Clock

Light has always been linked to sleep patterns and how it affects your circadian rhythm. Often referred to as your circadian clock or “internal clock,” your brain cycles through sleepiness and alertness throughout the day at regular intervals. Typically, these cycles mimic a clock and changed based on the time of day. The rising and […]

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Age of Enlightenment: The Promise of Circadian Lighting

Environmental cues are critical to establishing proper circadian rhythm. This article focuses on the role daytime light exposure plays however it must be understood that this is a multi-faceted process. Attention to nighttime light exposure must be made otherwise one’s circadian clock cannot be properly set. LowBlueLights’ products (Sleep Glasses, blue-free bulbs & filters) are […]

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The Connection Between Macular Degeneration & Blue Light

It turns out that grandma was right: UV rays are harmful, and now blue light has been added to the club. Macular degeneration has no cure and is increasing in prevalence, so it is incumbent upon the ophthalmic profession to advise patients on how to protect one of their most precious assets —their vision. Practice: Blue-light blockers […]

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Sleep Specialist Jeffrey Rose Helps Students Develop Better Sleep Patterns

In an interview with WPIX11 News, sleep specialist Dr. Jeffrey Rose advocates using LowBlueLights blue-free bulbs to promote better sleep hygiene.   He recommends complete avoidance of normal room lighting an hour before bedtime and instead, only using LowBlueLights special bulbs that produce no blue light.  Dr. Rose says his children have only used LowBlueLights […]

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National Taiwan University study: People Drastically Underestimate Time Spent Using Smartphones

January 22, 2018 Study shows significant undersetimation of nighttime use of PCs, tablets & smartphones pointing to users being unaware of blue light encountered from their use. Unprotected use of screens allowing blue light to reach eyes causes sleep & health issues. See our Smartphone filters here: LowBlueLights Smartphone Filters

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Scientists Studying Circadian Clock Win Nobel Prize

October, 2017 The ability to sleep is strongly controlled by the internal or circadian clock. The 2017 Noble Prize in Medicine was awarded to three scientists for their study of the circadian clock. Every living thing has a way of telling time. We now know that the clock is reset every morning when the eyes […]

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Use of LowBlueLights Eyewear Shows True Promise Controlling Manic Bipolar Episodes, Mood & Improving Sleep

March 2017 Richard L. Hansler PhD Excitement is growing amongst psychiatrists & health practitioners after a landmark Norwegian study demonstrated individuals experiencing bipolar mania while utilizing LowBlueLights’ blue-blocking glasses showed marked improvement.  Manic patients were randomly provided either our specially designed 100% blue-blocking Sleep Glasses (test group) or clear (placebo group) glasses.  Both groups maintained […]

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CBS News–June 10th, 2015 Lighting Science Group announced Tuesday that it would add warning labels to all its products, alerting consumers to the dangers of artificial light and directing them to a website where they can learn about the latest research. The labels say, “Exposure to certain electric lights may cause biological effects, some […]

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