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    The Original 100% Blue-Blocking Sleep Glasses

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LowBlueLights is the Global Leader in the Design of 100% Blue-free Products.

 Sleep Glasses, Lighting Products & Screen Filters.

The Ultimate Solution

LowBlueLights Sleep Glasses

Wear in the Evening to Maximize Melatonin Production. 

Eliminates the Need for Special Bulbs or Filters.

Blue-Free Lighting Products

A wide variety of blue-free lighting products for both U.S./Canada and International use in the evening to promote improved sleep. Including our newest line of LEDs.

BlueShields–100% Blue Light-Blocking Filters

The only 100% blue-blocking filters on the market today. Rigid acrylic filters for computers and flexible filters for mobile devices & TVs.

Packages & Specials

Great savings through a variety of packages for individuals, couples, families & medical professionals.

Books: How Blue Light Affects Sleep & Health

Our books will help you learn how nighttime blue light affects sleep & health and about the top researchers studying the importance of melatonin production.

Why Use LowBlueLights Products?

Melatonin, often called the sleep hormone or hormone of darkness, is produced by the brain's master hormone regulator, the pineal gland for up to twelve hours each day. Melatonin is also an important antioxidant crucial in fighting many serious diseases. Normal production only occurs while your eyes remain in darkness. Nighttime exposure to artificial light from sources such as room lighting, televisions, computers, tablets or smartphones delays the start of the pineal gland’s production cycle. However it's now known that blue light is the primary culprit that causes melatonin suppression. LowBlueLights unique eyewear, lighting products and filters are designed to prevent blue light from ever reaching your eyes. When used in the hours leading to bedtime, LowBlueLights products promote maximum melatonin production which will improve your sleep & overall health.

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Recently, the market has been inunndated with psuedo blue light filters & manufacturers making outrageous claims how their products help you sleep by blocking an adequate amount of blue light. Most of you are aware that nighttime short wave blue light supresses the body’s production of melatonin. Study after study has shown that even a minute amount of blue light entering one’s eyes in the hours leading to bedtime will cause sleep issues. Many studies also have shown that encountering blue light at night (LAN) may lead to serious health issues including various forms of cancer, diabetes, depression, heart disease and obesity. Blue light (approx. 380nm-500nm) is also one of the shortest, highest energy wavelengths leaving the eyes susceptible to serious long-term damage after extended exposure.

Nearly all of these so-called blue blocking filters utilize a common material called PET (polyethylene terephthalate). This is the same material found in most screen protectors Unfortunately, the twelve filters pictured here do little, if any, better than a basic screen protector. There are many more clear filters available online that purport to block blue light while not changing screen appearance. The worst claims made manufacturers state that their filters somehow magically reflect specific wavelengths away from the user’s eyes or absorb blue light while the screen remains unchanged and perfectly clear. Frankly, this is impossible. As these images clearly show, the filters placed across the screens remain virtually unchanged and yet, the blue is still completely discernible. We like to say, ”you can’t block blue & see it too.” Sadly, consumers falling for these false claims would be better off simply closing one eye. At least that way, 50% of the blue light would stop reaching their eyes. These products block far less blue light than insinuated. Making matters worse, these are not intended to be removed. They are permanent until you’re ready to toss them in the trash. They may prevent screen scratches but they don’t scratch the surface blocking enough to aid sleep, protecting one’s eyes or preventing serious health issues.

LowBlueLights manufactures the world’s only 100% blue-blocking filter. While used in the evening, our filters attach to your screen in seconds and block all harmful blue light. They can be removed and stored in the handy case we include. They are durable, washable and reusable. No other filter manufacturer produces removable filters, let alone filters that actually block all blue light. Remember these guys if you’re looking for a glorified, over-priced screen protector. Remember LowBlueLights.com if you want 100% blue light protection. We don’t want you to lose sleep thinking you’ve made the wrong choice. ...

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Presenting a definitive visual comparison between our 100% blue light filters versus many of the bogus filters that have recently hit the market. EVERY so-called blue-blocking filter we've tested failed miserably. Many of these filters block less than 10% of the harmful blue light emitted from today's screens. Many companies claim their filters don't alter the screen appearance. Plain & simple, this is impossible. This isn't fake news, folks. This is unsavory FAKE BLUES (blocking) marketing made by companies employing slick advertising & admittedly, impressive packaging to hoodwink the unsuspecting public. Glance at the screens in this slideshow as these non-LBL filters are partially laid over the blue image. You'll clearly see the high amount of blue light being emitted from each of these. Compare this to our filter and you'll see absolutely no blue light being passed through it. If you're shopping for a glorified, high priced screen protector, go with the competition. If you're seeking complete protection from the harmful blue light emitted from today's screens, look no further than the original, one & only LowBlueLights Blueshield filter available for any device. Please share this slideshow with your family & friends to prevent them from being fooled.

youtu.be/jhAImMIlUvs. ...

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The gift of #sleep touches many. Well beyond the recipient--family, friends also find relief. ...

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