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John F

I love the glasses.  My sleep problems of over 10 years have disappeared completely since I started using your glasses.

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Anne W (Australia)

I think your products are very great, and much appreciated.  I have told my colleague and others about them!  Well done, thanks for providing them for us. My brother appreciates them too.

Kind regards and thanks

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Omar H.

I would like to take this opportunity to write to you and say that I have found your customer service to be exceptional. After my original order did not arrive, your company responded by shipping a new pair of glasses free of charge this time with international tracking so that they would not be lost. The glasses arrived and I am using them to help promote sleep. Many thanks once again. I have recommended your company to my other friends now.

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Roberta G., Retired R.N.

Thank you.  A great product and excellent customer service!  I know the amber glasses are effective.  The very first night I had a vivid dream, just as though I had taken melatonin.  This is a far more natural way to restore melatonin levels to normal.

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From Fran S

I cannot praise your amber coverings and lights enough in regard to achieving normal sleep patterns after years of dreading the time I would try to go to sleep.

Since the very first night, I have been falling asleep within ten minutes of turning off the amber light in my bedside lamp, and closing my iPad with its amber cover.

And have been reading in bed with an iPad for years. I knew the iPad was not suggested for reading in bed, but could not “give it up“.  Now, it is no longer an issue.

Thank you, thank you, thank you,


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What One Mother Wrote To Us

“My husband and I want to thank you for the miracle that you have brought to our family. We have four great kids, and our youngest had a terrible time falling asleep at night. Dr. Gonzalez suggested the glasses, and our 6 year old has been wearing them now for over two months. We noticed a big difference in just 3 days! Prior to using the glasses, our youngest could not fall asleep before 11:30 pm, and he slept until at least 10:30 in the morning. Waking him for school was literally like waking the dead. It was impossible. Now, he falls asleep by 8:30 pm with ease and is eager to wake up for school at 7:00. He is energetic all day.

“What a gift you have given to us. My kids are in 4 different schools, and I have started to recommend the glasses to various administrators and teachers because it is a shame for other kids to suffer.

“Thank you! Keep up the research!”

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