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Do Blue Light Filtering Glasses Help with Migraines?

Blue light filtering glasses have been a highly regarded remedy for people suffering from migraines and headaches, especially if blue light triggers those symptoms. But the question remains: do blue light filtering glasses help migraines?  This article will discuss how blue light filtering glasses affect headaches and migraines and determine whether they’re worth investing to […]

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Woman rubbing her eyes due to eye strain

Eyestrain & Blue Light: Prevention

Eyestrain is one of the leading symptoms of excessive blue light exposure. Many experience this during the workday if they are working on the computer for the majority of the time. Another way that you can experience eyestrain is through playing video games for an extended period. Usually, this symptom is somewhat mild, but it […]

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Why a good night’s sleep is ‘the magic pill’ for athletic performance [Updated for 2021]

Washington Post, February 8th, 2019 “Like many regular people, elite athletes multiply their issues by spending too much time on devices. “The blue light damages their circadian rhythms,” says Smith, meaning that their body’s natural sleep-wake cycle can get out of whack. “We’ve given them blue-light blocking glasses and ask them to take a break […]

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