Do Blue Light Filtering Glasses Help with Migraines?

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Blue light filtering glasses have been a highly regarded remedy for people suffering from migraines and headaches, especially if blue light triggers those symptoms. But the question remains: do blue light filtering glasses help migraines? 

This article will discuss how blue light filtering glasses affect headaches and migraines and determine whether they’re worth investing to mitigate your migraines and digital eye strain.

Blue Light Headaches & Migraines

More often than not, people who suffer from headaches and migraines have specific triggers that cause an attack, such as food, drink, or even health issues, including stress or a head injury. However, more and more, people have been relating migraines and headaches to lengthy sessions at their computer desk or on their phones.

Can Blue Light Cause Headaches?

Digital Eyestrain is a grouping of symptoms representing an over-exposure to screen-based devices. The symptoms include:

  • headache
  • sore, dry, and tired eyes
  • neck and shoulder pain
  • light sensitivity
  • blurry vision

All screen-based devices, such as computer monitors, laptops, tablets, and phones, can cause headaches from digital eyestrain. Blue light emission correlates with digital eye strain and these devices and has kept researchers busy.

Can Blue Light Trigger Migraine Attacks? 

Have you ever stared too long at a bright or intense light and felt the oncoming symptoms of a migraine? You are not alone. Recent research has shown that it’s not the light that triggers the migraine but how your brain processes the light. People prone to migraine attacks may have light receptors and nerve pathways more sensitive to light than others. Eighty percent of individuals who suffer from migraine attacks have this condition known as photophobia. Unfortunately, the light sensitivity can be so intense that people often only receive relief by escaping into a dark room. 

Researchers have concluded that blue, white, red, and amber light can increase migraine pain. However, blue light is the biggest offender, activating neurons within the brain more frequently than any other color and leading researchers to call blue light the most photophobia type of light. In addition, the brighter blue, red, amber, and white light is, the more intense the headache. 

Signs of A Blue Light-Induced Headache

Some signs of a migraine or headache induced from blue light exposure are:

  • sore or itchy eyes
  • blurry vision
  • neck and shoulder soreness and tension
  • light sensitivity

Blue Light Filtering Glasses

What Are Blue Light Filtering Glasses?

Blue light filtering glasses utilize special amber-tinted lenses to prevent blue light from entering your corneas. These lenses mitigate 99% of all blue light emitted from screen-based devices while avoiding glare. In addition, blue light filtering glasses are easy to wear and convenient in all stages of your day.

How Do Blue Light Filtering Lenses Work?

Blue light filtering glasses are similar to polarizing lenses, which block specific wavelengths of light to decrease glare or create contrast. However, to stop blue light waves from entering your eyes, the lens must have a complementary pigment to absorb or bounce back the light. For example, if you were to look on the color wheel, blue is complementary to orange or amber. Therefore to block blue light, there must be an orange or amber pigment within the lens to be effective. 

The idea behind wearing blue light filtering glasses while operating a screen-based device or watching TV is that it decreases or outright removes the effects of blue light on your body. 

If a color other than orange or amber were selected for the lenses, it would not mitigate the blue light wavelengths. The same goes for a clear lens or filter since a lack of pigment won’t absorb the blue light. Check out our blog Why Do Amber Filters Remove Blue Light for more information.

Do Blue Light Filtering Glasses Help with Migraines?

LowBlueLight Glasses

The lenses crafted at LowBlueLights block up to 99% of harmful blue light and help mitigate headaches and migraines from blue light wavelengths. They can also soothe symptoms brought on by blue light overexposure when a migraine is already onset. 

The lenses crafted at LowBlueLights block up to 99% of harmful blue light and help mitigate headaches and migraines from blue light wavelengths. They can also soothe symptoms brought on by blue light overexposure when a migraine is already onset. 

Some researchers have suggested blocking all wavelengths of light except green during migraine episodes. In contrast, some had reported that their sensitivity to light went away when they wore blue light filtering eyeglasses.

Get Your Blue Light Filtering Glasses Today

Migraines are a severe problem that more people than you realize suffer from, especially those working from home and in an office setting. It causes dry, itchy eyes, blurred vision, fatigue centered around the eyes, and migraines. We recommend trying a pair of expertly made blue light filtering glasses from LowBlueLights to help prevent the damage migraine pain can cause. These are by no means a cure, but they can help alleviate common pain points associated with blue light absorption, such as eyestrain. So give your eyes a break they deserve with a pair of blue light filtering glasses.

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