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Do Blue Light Filtering Glasses Help with Migraines?

Blue light filtering glasses have been a highly regarded remedy for people suffering from migraines and headaches, especially if blue light triggers those symptoms. But the question remains: do blue light filtering glasses help migraines?  This article will discuss how blue light filtering glasses affect headaches and migraines and determine whether they’re worth investing to […]

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Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Digital Eye Strain

Digital eye strain is becoming more prevalent as our lives revolve around more and more screen-based devices. Whether browsing the internet, social media, emails, or text messages, all of it relies on us looking at a screen. According to the research commissioned by Vision Direct, the average U.S. adult will spend the equivalent of almost 44 […]

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Is Blue Blocking Glasses the Same as Night Mode?

We have all heard too much blue light can be detrimental to our health. For example, spending long durations of time using digital devices can cause symptoms of digital eye strain, headaches, dry eyes, and even sleepless nights. As a result, several companies and products have promised to reduce blue light and its harmful effects […]

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