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Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Digital Eye Strain

Digital eye strain is becoming more prevalent as our lives revolve around more and more screen-based devices. Whether browsing the internet, social media, emails, or text messages, all of it relies on us looking at a screen. According to the research commissioned by Vision Direct, the average U.S. adult will spend the equivalent of almost 44 […]

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Woman staring at screen suffering from eyestrain

10 Tips to Protect Against Eye Strain

More and more people rely on smartphones, laptops, and computers that contain blue light. Unfortunately, blue light is part of the visible light spectrum and happens to have one of the shortest wavelengths and highest energy levels. Consequently, blue light is also associated with several harmful effects on your health, including digital eye strain. Symptoms […]

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Woman rubbing her eyes due to eye strain

Eyestrain & Blue Light: Prevention

Eyestrain is one of the leading symptoms of excessive blue light exposure. Many experience this during the workday if they are working on the computer for the majority of the time. Another way that you can experience eyestrain is through playing video games for an extended period. Usually, this symptom is somewhat mild, but it […]

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