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What is Blue Light?

Whether we are scrolling through our phones, watching television, or staring at our computer monitors, one thing is sure, and screens have become a significant part of our daily lives. Chances are you’re looking at a screen right now to read this article. As our lives become more dependent on technology for both work and […]

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Why Do Amber Filters Remove Blue Light?

Blue light has become an increasingly prevalent concern for many individuals who rely heavily on blue light-emitting devices such as phones, computers, and tablets. But how do you know what blue light filter is going to be effective? With companies marketing blue light blocking products from screen protectors, glasses, and light bulbs, what makes these […]

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Blue Light Filters: Fighting Insomnia

Blue light filters? What are they and why are they important? One of the ways that blue light blocking filters help is by fighting insomnia. Have you ever been awake too late on a work night, staring at the ceiling, just waiting to fall asleep? It can be very uncomfortable to struggle with insomnia. Whether […]

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Eyestrain & Blue Light: Prevention

Eyestrain is one of the leading symptoms of excessive blue light exposure. Many experience this during the workday if they are working on the computer for the majority of the time. Another way that you can experience eyestrain is through playing video games for an extended period. Usually, this symptom is somewhat mild, but it […]

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How COVID-19 has Increased Your Blue Light Exposure!

In March, when the COVID-19 outbreak came to fruition, everyone was so worried about getting sick that they never considered the other possible implications it may have on our health. Because so many were out of work and had to stay inside, Netflix, Facebook, and DoorDash became our best friends. People started waking up later […]

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Resources for Impact of Melatonin on COVID-19 [Updated for 2021]

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has been a drastic agent of change across the globe.   We’re learning new things about the virus every day, and scientists are hustling to create a viable vaccine.   Until then, scientific studies have made many other interesting discoveries. As blue-light scientists, we find melatonin’s success in treating viral symptoms especially […]

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