About the author:  As well as being one of the founders of, Dr. Richard Hansler PhD is a prolific author who first published Great Sleep! Reduced Cancer! in 2008 at the age of 83!  A wonderful exposé on Dr. Hansler’s life as he continues to go strong at the age of 93 can be found here. ( See 2nd half of the article.)

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Concussion by Dr. Richard Hansler Ph.D.


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How blue-blocking glasses can heal your injured brain by maximizing natural melatonin.  This is newest book written by Dr. Richard L. Hansler Ph.D. details what can be done to help heal the brain after a concussion.  This book documents extensive & compelling research showing melatonin has the ability to heal the injured brain.  Essentially, a boost in natural melatonin is beneficial for your brain.

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