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Mini Amber Flashlight (9V-battery)


This lightweight, pocket-sized flashlight consists of 6-amber LEDs mounted directly onto a 9-Volt battery providing a perfect no-blue light source to maneuver around the home while up during the night.

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This flashlight was designed specifically for and distributed exclusively by www.lowbluelights.com.  This pocket-sized flashlight (2.75”L x 1”W x 0.60”H) is lightweight (1.5oz) and provides no-blue portability when maneuvering in darkness allowing normal melatonin production to continue without interruption. Perfect for use in the nursery without disturbing your infant’s melatonin production by exposure to nighttime light. Great for parents checking on their children or by anyone who is up during the night. The flashlight has a built-in 9-Volt battery and a three-position switch: Off – 2 LEDs – 6 LEDs.

Click Here to view a graph of the light output spectrum of this lamp.