The Truth About Blue Light and Seasonal Depression [Updated for 2021]


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With fall on the way and the seasons slowly shifting, it’s important to stick to a schedule. That schedule, of course,
is your sleep schedule. Shorter days and fall festivities all fight for our attention and can really alter our sleeping
habits. These factors can influence our melatonin production, which ultimately leads to sleep deprivation. When we
sacrifice our sleep and alter our natural circadian rhythms, a number of health factors are at risk. Seasonal Affective
Disorder (SAD), what some people refer to it as “Seasonal Depression” has been known to set in around this time of year.
This can compromise our immune systems, making us prone to illness or even lead to hypertension. It has also been said
that lack of sleep leads to anxiety and elevated stress levels in most people.

Whether daylight savings time changes or busy fall agendas compete for our attention, it is crucial not to stretch
yourself too thin and to get enough sleep. Our circadian rhythms typically mimic the rising and setting of the sun.
Natural sunlight or artificial light can delay the production of melatonin, which will ultimately offset our traditional
sleep schedule. This is one reason that daylight savings can take a p

hysical toll on our bodies at first. Our bodies have not fully adjusted to shorter days. Most people think that with
less light they will sleep more. This typically is true, but with cooler weather coming, sometimes computers or TV
screens become the preferred fall activity. Prolonged exposure to blue lighting can affect your pineal gland, limiting
your production of melatonin and altering your overall sleep patterns. Be sure to limit your time with electronics to
help with the transition of the seasons and keep your circadian rhythm on track.

Sleep Glasses and Blue Blocker Glasses Keep You on Schedule

Another way to avoid offsetting your circadian rhythm blocking blue light from entering your eye. Blue light blocking glasses,
also known as sleep glasses, can help with this. Blue light delays the production of melatonin and sleep glasses filter
out blue light from reach your eye. This leaves your body in a natural sleep cycle and can help you stick to a healthy
sleep schedule. Even with alarm clocks, it is sometimes difficult to reset your circadian clock, once it has been
altered. Blue light blocking glasses can help keep your circadian cycle on a natural rhythm.

circadian rhythm

Typically, people that use blue light glasses
wear them for about two hours before getting ready for bed. This will keep your internal clock on schedule and prevent
blue light from reaching your eyes. This will give your pineal gland a sufficient amount of time to produce the
melatonin you need to wind down. Also, it will help you stay asleep for a full night’s rest to get the sleep you need.
This will help you wake, feeling refreshed and rested the next day.
sleep glasses are one of the only blue blocker glasses brands that block all traces of blue light
from reaching your eyes.

Consider Computer Glasses for Work

Although fall activities can fill up your calendar, workloads typically don’t decrease day-to-day. If you happen to sit
in front of a computer all day for work, you may want to consider computer glasses for all of your blue light locking needs. Office jobs are huge offenders of exposing us to a large
amount of blue light for an extended period of time. Blue light blocking glasses will keep the headaches down and the
prolonged exposure at bay. Since you spend roughly eight hours in front of a monitor, it’s important to be considerate
of your eyes.

Our sleep glasses or computer glasses block blue light waves that can delay melatonin production in your body. With the
sunlight fading fast and the weather turning, it Is very easy to work longer hours and increase screen time with your
devices. Blue-blocking glasses can keep your body rested and melatonin levels regulated, even with daylight savings time
changes or excessive blue light exposure. Wear your computer glasses while you use your devices, watch TV or use any
sort of artificial light source. Putting them on about two hours before getting ready for

bed will ensure your melatonin is produced on schedule and avoid offsetting circadian cycles.

Getting plenty of sleep will keep your immune system strong and will help fight not only sickness but seasonal
depression as well. Blood pressure, anxiety and stress levels have been known to remain low in individuals that get
plenty of rest. Blue blocker glasses will allow melatonin to let your body naturally regulate your sleep patterns.

Blue Light Filters and Night Lights

Sleep glasses are a crucial part of the blue light blocking process but they are not the only thing that can help your
circadian cycle and melatonin levels. Artificial light of any sort can influence the pineal gland, even everyday things
in your home. Special blue-free lightbulbs and night lights are a convenient way to ensure you are not exposed to blue light waves,
even within the comfort of your home. Our bulbs have an amber tint and contain no traces of blue light.anti blue light

Blue-free nightlights keep those trouble spots in your home illuminated, without rousing you and keeping you awake throughout the night. The soft,
amber glow will provide just enough light without hindering your sleep cycle. Anti-blue flashlights are also convenient
to keep you from bumping around and avoiding an annoying LED blast of light. Give the kids a perfect amount of light to
see without disturbing their sleep habits, as well. This is definitely a healthier alternative to sleeping with the
lights on or distracting nightlights.

Develop Healthy Sleep Habits with Blue Light Filters

Blue light filters are available for those looking to rid their homes of blue light. These blue blockers are perfect for
alarm clocks, laptops, iPads and cell phones. They give you the ability to live your life as you normally would, without
being exposed to blue light. Your body will thank you for keeping a consistent sleep cycle and you will be able to enjoy
the natural health benefits that melatonin has to offer.