Avoid Holiday Migraines and Discomfort with Blue Light Blocking Glasses

blue light glassesWith the holidays approaching and winter upon us, it is important to remember eye care. As the weather gets colder the humidity drops and the lack of moisture has a direct effect on us. Dry eyes and seasonal allergies can become much more common in the winter. Your eyes work hard to produce natural tears and LowBlueLights can help protect them and save them from strain.

The elements can cause extra strain on your vision in the winter and with the constant stress from work, your eyes can tire out quickly. With allergies and sickness being a constant threat in the winter months, it is important not to overwork your eyes. Blue light blocking glasses are a great way to protect your eyes from strain by blocking blue light from artificial and natural light sources. Computer screens, TVs and cell phones are some of the biggest culprits that give off artificial blue light. The blue light from these electronic devices mimics daylight which stimulates your pineal gland upon entering your eye. This process delays the production of natural melatonin, which is not only a natural antioxidant, but the lack of it can alter your circadian rhythm, disturbing your natural sleep cycle. This can compromise your immune system which often leads to sickness or depression over time. blue light filter

A humidifier is another great way to keep not only your eyes moisturized but your skin too. Especially when you have been running the heat all winter, a humidifier is a great way to put moisture back in the air and keep your eyes and skin healthy. Excessively dry eyes, combined with day-to-day stress can not only compromise your immune system but could lead to sickness or depression if ignored for too long.

Blue Light Glasses Save Your Eyes from Strain

By giving your eyes a break at work and in the evening, you can allow your eyes to develop natural tears and stay healthy. Using blue light glasses will help your eyes rest and recover. Dry eyes are constantly working harder to stay hydrated which often leads to strain. Blue light glasses will give your eyes a welcome break.  Also known as computer glasses, these blue light blocking glasses will block the harmful light that is emitted from electronic devices.

As you may know, blue light and sleep cycles are directly related, as melatonin is key in beginning the sleep process. When stimulants like daylight or artificial blue light alter your circadian cycle, it can be hard to get back on a healthy sleep schedule. Along with disturbing your sleep, your body can be robbed of natural antioxidants from the lack of melatonin, which can also affect your immune system.

Blue-Blocking Glasses Can Prevent Seasonal Stress

blue light blocking glassesDry eyes are common for some in the winter but holiday migraines are becoming more and prevalent due to stress. It’s as if everyone experiences some level of discomfort. You work hard day-to-day day and the excess holiday stress is never easy. Whether it is family, money or working long hours, there are natural obstacles that we encounter which can add to holiday stress. Again, your eyes can be vital in avoiding a migraine this holiday season.

Some great tips are using the 20/20/20 rule. Every twenty minutes give your eyes a break by looking twenty feet away for twenty seconds. This regular break will give your eyes just enough time to rest and avoid tension migraines. It is so important to use computer glasses to block your screen’s harmful blue light, especially after putting in extra hours at work. Blue light glasses will save your eyes from overwork and looking at a monitor all day. Our blue blocker glasses prevent any blue light from entering your eyes, which can add to those common tension headaches or stress migraines. Make sure your eyes are protected from digital screens and give them a break to avoid the holiday migraines.

Blue Light Filter Gift Ideas

led nightlightThis holiday season, keep your eyes healthy and consider some blue light blocking gift ideas for your loved ones. These blue light filters will help block blue light and keep it from disturbing your melatonin production. If your goal is to eliminate blue light from your home entirely and keep your sleep cycle on track, consider blue-free light bulbs in your house. These blue-free lights give you the light you need in your home, without abruptly rousing you as LED blue light often does in the early morning or late at night. This will make it much easier to fall asleep and stay asleep at night, giving you the rest your body needs. Especially with busy schedules and demanding workloads, this time of year can be taxing on us and our bodies. LowBlueLights offers you many ways to protect your health. You work hard all year; your eyes shouldn’t have to.