Blue Light Filters and Blue Blocking Glasses for the Holidays

blue light filter

If you’re looking for holiday gifts for your loved ones, consider a gift that is both wholesome and practical. Blue light filters and sleep glasses are the perfect combinations of both. LowBlueLights offers a full inventory of blue-blocking glasses and products to keep your sleep cycle healthy and immune system in top shape. Give your loved ones a gift that will not only help them develop healthier sleep habits but it can start them on an overall health makeover.

Give the Gift of Natural Melatonin with Sleep Glasses

Whether you are looking for sleep glasses that fit over your regular glasses or our stylish blue light blocking glasses, we have both styles of sleep glasses. Also, known as computer glasses, our glasses block blue light that can stimulate your pineal gland and delay melatonin production. Especially in the winter when we are constantly combating the reflection of the bright snow, our eyes are subjected to many different hardships throughout the day. It is important to give not only our eyes a break but to help our bodies keep our circadian rhythms regulated. Getting plenty of sleep and not disrupting your circadian rhythm is important because it strengthens our immune system and helps prevent sickness. Wearing sleep glasses can help by blocking blue light and ensuring that your pineal gland creates the proper melatonin it needs to keep your circadian cycle on track. blue light blocking glasses

Blue Light Filters and Other Blue Blocking Gifts

In addition to gifting blue light glasses, consider a blue light filter to give your loved ones this holiday season. The winter is the best time to keep your sleep patterns in check, as the lack of daylight is already a leading factor in people getting off of their nightly schedules. If you are looking to avoid blue light, one of the best places to start is with electronics. Cell phones or tablets are a major cause of decreased melatonin since they are electronics that you typically have close to your face wherever you go. Some people need to be connected for work and are subject to long hours in front of their phone due to communication obligations. A blue light filter will protect you from the blue light that is emitted from your cell phone, computer and tablet. Similar to computer glasses, these blue blocking filters will protect your eyes so those work obligations via your cell or tablet won’t lead to insomnia or other unhealthy sleep patterns. Attach one to your TV as well for full blue-blocking benefits.

Don’t Forget the Kids This Holiday Season

If you want to be absolutely sure your home is free of blue lighting, consider some of our blue-free bulbs or an LED nightlight. These blue-free nightlights are the perfect way to avoid harsh, bright light hitting your eyes in the middle of the night but still providing enough light to see. These amber light bulbs are the perfect way to avoid disrupting a peaceful night sleep and abstain from restlessness when falling back to sleep. Don’t neglect these nightlights in the kid’s rooms or even adults who may be sensitive sleepers. Prevent your loved ones from getting hurt in the dark with a blue-free nightlight. nightlight

Consider a Holiday Package for Your Loved Ones

Blue light blocking filters are the perfect gift for anyone who is looking to protect their eyes. However, other than electronics, there are many other lighting factors that we encounter each and every day. Household lights are a perfect example of something that we come into contact with and probably overlook as a blue light stimulant. Consider the LowBlueLight Special for your home. This anti-blue light combo pack consists of one pair of sleep glasses or computer glasses, one LED nightlight, one blue-free bulb and a Low Blue Flashlight. All these products are blue-free and will help contribute to a healthier sleep environment. Browse these filters and packages for the perfect gift for your loved ones this holiday season. Don’t forget some of these blue-blocking essentials for yourself and make your home a safe-haven of relaxation. Start the new year out the right way with a strong immune system, solid sleep cycle and optimal melatonin production for a healthier you in 2019.