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Why Blue Light Filters for Your Laptop Are Essential

If you use your laptop every day, you should consider using a blue light filter for your computer. The visible light spectrum, comprised of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, and Blue, all have variable wavelengths and intensities of their energy. Blue light has the shortest wavelengths and the highest energy output of all visible light, which […]

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Why Do Amber Filters Remove Blue Light?

Blue light has become an increasingly prevalent concern for many individuals who rely heavily on blue light-emitting devices such as phones, computers, and tablets. But how do you know what blue light filter is going to be effective? With companies marketing blue light blocking products from screen protectors, 100% blue light blocking sleeping glasses, and […]

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Blue Light Filters: Fighting Insomnia

Blue light filters? What are they and why are they important? One of the ways that blue light blocking filters help is by fighting insomnia. Have you ever been awake too late on a work night, staring at the ceiling, just waiting to fall asleep? It can be very uncomfortable to struggle with insomnia. Whether […]

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