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Blue-Free, Sleep Promoting Mini Book Light


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Introducing our newest, rechargeable mini book light. Featuring four amber, blue-free LEDs this compact book light is perfect for nighttime use to enhance sleep especially while traveling. Aligned within a 2-inch rectangular head, these bright, long-lasting LEDs produce warm, blue-free light in the amber portion of the color spectrum (peaking at 589nm). The light is well removed from the blue region responsible for melatonin suppression. Its 7-inch flexible gooseneck arm allows full adjustability to cast light evenly across the pages of your favorite book. The book light is powered by a rechargeable 1000mAh lithium-ion battery allowing cord-free use throughout the home. A 36-inch USB charging cable is included allowing unlimited use without the worry of depleting the battery. The unit’s strong, padded clip securely attaches to any book, headboard or can be utilized as a task lamp. The 3.0-inch, flat-bottomed clip can also serve as a base to convert the book light into a table lamp providing a blue-free light source throughout your home or office.

• Lightweight, 2.5oz
• Compact; Perfect amber light source while traveling
• 4 blue-free LEDs
• 2 brightness settings controlled by touch pad on lamp head.
• Rechargeable (non-replaceable) lithium-ion battery
• USB charging cable included. Any available 5V charger can be used worldwide (100V-240V)

Note: Care should be taken not to overly twist the head of the book light and to avoid excessive bending of the gooseneck as this may damage the wires held within it. As with any units containing a rechargeable battery, this book light should not be left unattended while charging and must be removed from the charger once fully charged. To preserve battery life, it’s best not to fully discharge the battery. More information on proper charging is available in the instructions included with the book light.

Click Here to view a graph of the light output spectrum of this lamp.

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