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Deluxe Nursery Package  1500x1000

Nursery Package


This package is not just for parents. Makes a great starter package for those looking for a solution to block nighttime blue light. This package provides excellent savings!

The Deluxe Nursery Package is designed to help moms, dads and babies find quality sleep and also promote better health. Once awoken, it’s highly recommended using our sleep glasses in order to maintain optimal melatonin production. Ordinary light will immediately halt the production of melatonin. This includes light from perhaps a baby monitor, the bathroom, even a refrigerator bulb. Keeping your melatonin level high is key for returning to sleepc once your baby has been tended to.

At any point while awake you may wish to remove the sleep glasses however it’s imperative that the ambient light you encounter is from a no-blue light source. Because of this, you’ll want to have a variety of our no-blue bulbs in your home especially in your nursery. While this allows melatonin production to continue, it also keeps harsh light away from your baby’s eyes. In addition, studies show that maintaining a high level of melatonin is important while breast feeding because your baby will receive melatonin in the breast milk, something they will need until they are old enough to produce melatonin on their own.

Excellent Savings!


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