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Customizable BlueShield #2  (20″ x 32″)


Introducing the LowBlueLights BlueShield–100% blue light-blocking filters for today’s flat screen televisions & computer screens. These patent-pending, clear, lightweight, vinyl filters are designed to allow normal nighttime viewing while blocking the harsh blue light responsible for suppressing natural melatonin production.

Please Note: Due to materials used in the manufacturing process, tiny bumps and imperfections are inevitable in the final product. When used properly in a completely dark environment, existing imperfections will be undetectable. This is a custom-made product. Due to individual manufacturing & packaging, shipping times may vary. An additional shipping time of 3-5 days should be expected.


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Customizable BlueShield #2  (20″ x 32″)

Introducing the BlueShield–Our new 100% blue light-blocking filters for today’s flat screen televisions & computer screens. These lightweight, clear, vinyl filters are designed to allow normal nighttime viewing while blocking the harsh blue light responsible for suppressing natural melatonin production. The BlueShield uses the same vinyl as our top-selling iPad and iPhone filters. BlueShields are customizable and designed to fit most flat screen TVs up to 55 inches diagonal (certain exceptions apply).  Select the appropriate size for your TV or monitor and simply cut the filter to the dimensions of your device’s frame.  We’ve included a utility knife to make it easier for the user to  cleanly cut the filter for the exact size needed.

The blue wavelength of light emitted from today’s LCD & LED-driven television & computer screens has been shown to suppress production of the hormone melatonin ultimately compromising sleep and overall health. So prevalent, this modern day phenomenon is now commonly referred to as electronic insomnia. The BlueShield allows normal viewing prior to bedtime without compromising sleep by filtering out only the detrimental blue wavelengths of light below 510nm. Most colors appear as they normally would except for true blue which appears black. Secondary and tertiary colors containing blue are be slightly altered.

The BlueShield light filter is designed for flat screen TVs and computer monitor screens. Devices that have curved or contoured screens prevent the BlueShield from resting flat and may allow light to escape beyond the sides. The filter is intended to be used in the evening 2-3 hours before bedtime. To gain optimal benefits viewing should be done in complete darkness.  Otherwise, all ambient light must be from low-blue sources. If Sleep Glasses are being worn, our filters or blue-free light bulbs are not necessary. However, it’s important to note that whenever up during the night, Sleep Glasses or low-blue night light or flashlight should be used to navigate around the home otherwise earlier benefits will be lost.

WARNING: Never attach or remove filter without first stabilizing flat screen television. Never allow young children to remove or pull on filter. Large flat screen televisions tend to be top-heavy and are extremely dangerous when shifted off balance. Many manufacturers provide stabilizing devices to lessen the chance of an accident.

Choosing The Correct BlueShield Size:

To determine the correct BlueShield size to order simply measure the outer frame dimensions of your television or monitor.  Choose the BlueShield size that will completely cover this area:

Small BlueShield #1 16” x 20”
Medium BlueShield #2 20” x 32”
Large BlueShield #3 24” x 42”
Extra-Large BlueShield #4 28” x 52”


For example, if your frame measures 18” high by 30” wide, select the Medium BlueShield #2 filter. Once you receive the filter simply cut it to the desired size using a metal straight-edge and utility knife.  Velcro squares are provided to attach the Blue Shield to the frame of the TV or monitor.  Some devices with glossy screens allow the Blue Shield to attach directly to the screen however we recommend using velcro to support the filter directly to the device’s frame. (Never attach velcro directly to any screen as this will cause permanent damage!)

Most BlueShield filters can be measured to cover the entire frame. Please note however that it’s not mandatory for the filter to extend completely to the edge of the frame.  The filter simply needs to completely cover the illuminated screen as well as extending beyond it by at least ¾” to prevent light from escaping past its edges.  This additional material also allows enough space to use the provided velcro for attachment.  Infrared remote controls will operate properly through material however velcro must not cover the infrared sensor. Some TV models have front-mounted speakers. The BlueShield may distort device’s sound quality if the speakers are completely covered. Measuring within the speakers or by only partially covering speakers will greatly improve sound quality. It is possible for user to cut openings themselves to expose speakers. The material can easily be cut using a razor blade and metal straight-edge Some TVs and computer monitors have very narrow bezels surrounding their screens which will prevent the use of velcro on the face of the device. It is possible to measure an inch or two past the edges such that extra filter material can be folded beyond the sides on both the left & right side of face of the TV or monitor. The filter may also be sized to fold over the top of the device. To properly attach an oversized filter, the additional material can be folded over the edges so the velcro can be attached onto the sides or top of the device. Careful straight folds must be made as the material will be permanently creased and cannot be corrected. Never cover any air vents with the filter as this may cause overheating. is not responsible for improper sizing errors or for errors made while modifying filter. No refunds will be made due improper cutting by user.

Important: Due to materials used in the manufacturing process, small imperfections may exist when viewed under illuminated conditions. If used as directed in a completely dark environment, existing imperfections will be undetectable. These filters have a glossy surface which may cause reflections created by nearby lighting. Filters should be used in complete darkness to eliminate annoying reflections Customers choosing to use this filter in tandem with our blue-free light bulbs should locate the light source in a position to minimize reflections. Use of this filter in combination with standard bulbs which emit blue light will not provide sleep or health benefits. Please use as directed.

Click Here to view a graph showing exactly which parts of the light spectrum this product blocks.

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