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Another Weight Loss Gimmick? by Dr. Richard Hansler Ph.D.


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Boosting Brown Fat To Lose Weight.

This book written by Dr. Richard L. Hansler PhD on how eliminating nighttime blue light exposure allows the body to maximize melatonin production. Recent research has shown the body follows suit by developing healthy brown fat which ultimately burns unhealthy white fat.

The sleep hormone melatonin is known to boost the development of brown fat in our bodies helping us to lose weight. By using a variety of products from, we can maximize our production of melatonin. It’s simple…more melatonin and more brown fat helps us to shed pounds!

Dr. Hansler, a research physicist specializing in the health effects of light, explains the benefits of maximizing melatonin through the use of “low blue lights” products. Maximizing melatonin is beneficial not only for weight loss, but also improving sleep and reducing the risks of diabetes, heart disease and several types of cancers including breast and prostate cancer.

Published February, 2014

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