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Blue Light Filter | Mac


These acrylic filters block 100% of the blue light emitted from today’s computers & televisions.  No other filter on the market today can make such a claim.  Acrylic filters do not allow touchscreen capability due to their thickness.  Please see our vinyl filter selections if touchscreen function is desired. 



LowBlueLights is proud to boast that these and every filter offered on our website are the only 100% blue-blocking filters available anywhere on the planet.  Did we mention ANYWHERE?  The many knockoff filters that have made their way onto the market along with software programs that purport to block blue light, for the most part, do a very poor job attempting to do so.  We’ve tested competitor’s filters & software programs and are amazed at the low amount of blue light actually being filtered meaning an exceptional level of blue light is still being transmitted.  Some of the worst offenders are those companies advertising that their products don’t alter the appearance of the screen.  It’s safe to say if any shade of blue light is visible while a filter is installed, the desired amount of blue light is not being blocked.

These filters are optimized to fit Apple’s line of MacBook computers. Most MacBook users find that by simply allowing these filters to rest on the unit’s hinges they may be used when needed at night without needing any velcro attachment. Velcro is provided, however, it’s mostly used to hold filters in place on larger screens and monitors.

Available Filter Sizes:

MacBook Air 11” 11.80” x 7.25”
MacBook 12” 11.04” x 7.62”
MacBook Pro 13” 12.35” x 8.13”
MacBook Air/Pro 13” 12.80″ x 8.65”
MacBook Pro 15” 14.13” x 9.25”


RETURNED FILTERS THAT HAVE BEEN UNPACKAGED OR USED IN ANY WAY CAN ONLY BE REFUNDED 80% OF PURCHASE COST.  NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.  These filters are intended to be used in the evening in the hours leading to bedtime.  To gain benefits the filter must be used in complete darkness or in combination with our no-blue light bulbs.  Blue light from ordinary light bulbs, TVs, computers and mobile devices suppresses the body’s melatonin production, seriously affecting sleep and health.  If LBL Sleep Glasses are worn, filters and/or light bulbs are not necessary–Sleep Glasses are the ultimate solution.  It’s important if you need to get up in the middle of the night, Sleep Glasses or a no-blue light source must be used otherwise benefits gained earlier will be lost.  Our flashlights and nightlights are excellent products to use for safe navigation around the home.

NOTE: iMac 21.5″ & iMac 27″ filters are available however due to size constraints, they must ship separately.  iMac filters require a separate shipping charge when ordered with other items.  These filters may be found here:

iMac 21.5″: iMac 21.5″ Acrylic Blue-blocking Filter

iMac 27″:   iMac 27″ Acrylic Blue-blocking Filter

Click Here to view a graph showing exactly which parts of the light spectrum this product blocks.

Made In the USA.

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