What One Mother Wrote To Us

“My husband and I want to thank you for the miracle that you have brought to our family. We have four great kids, and our youngest had a terrible time falling asleep at night. Dr. Gonzalez suggested the glasses, and our 6 year old has been wearing them now for over two months. We noticed a big difference in just 3 days! Prior to using the glasses, our youngest could not fall asleep before 11:30 pm, and he slept until at least 10:30 in the morning. Waking him for school was literally like waking the dead. It was impossible. Now, he falls asleep by 8:30 pm with ease and is eager to wake up for school at 7:00. He is energetic all day.

“What a gift you have given to us. My kids are in 4 different schools, and I have started to recommend the glasses to various administrators and teachers because it is a shame for other kids to suffer.

“Thank you! Keep up the research!”

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