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Apple iPad, iPad Pro & iPad Mini Zzzero Blue-Free Filters


These vinyl adhesive-free filters are designed to fit all Apple iPad models. Please select the product that matches your device. The patent pending design allows application within seconds in order to prevent the powerful blue light emitted from the device from reaching the user’s eyes which has been proven to inhibit the production of melatonin. The filter allows full touchscreen usage and is removable, washable and extremely durable.



Our iPad, iPad Pro & iPad Mini Zzzero Blue-Free Filter Line:

These filters are designed to fit any of the various iPad, iPad Pro & iPad Mini models. Select the filter model that fits your Apple device.  The patent pending design allows the user to apply the filter in just seconds to the device’s screen to prevent the powerful blue light being emitted from the device.  Blu light reaching the user’s eyes has been shown to inhibit the body’s natural production of melatonin. This filter is removable, washable, flexible and extremely durable and will attach to screen protectors as long as these protectors do not have a matted, porous, textured or dirty surface.

These filters are intended to be used in the evening 2-3 hours before bedtime. For optimal benefits from your filter, all ambient light in the user’s environment must be from a no-blue light source otherwise the device must be used in a dark environment.  Blue wavelengths from everyday light bulbs, televisions, computers and smartphones suppresses melatonin affecting sleep and overall health. If our Sleep Glasses are worn, the blue-blocking filters or no-blue light bulbs are not necessary. It’s extremely important to note if you need to get up during the night, Sleep Glasses or our no-blue night lights should be used or earlier benefits will be lost. All of our Apple filters as well as our custom smartphone & tablet filters come with a unique case to store the filters when not in use.

We’ve tested most of our competitor’s so called blue-blocking filters, many which utilize PET films such as the SleepShield and have found that these filters block only a minute amount of blue light–certainly not enough to prevent melatonin suppression. Many companies are falsely advertising that their products do not change the screen appearance and yet are supposedly blocking blue light. We guarantee that if blue light is visible then it’s certainly not being blocked. Beware. You can’t block blue light and see it too.



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Click Here to view a graph showing exactly which parts of the light spectrum this product blocks.