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9 Watt General Purpose LED Bulb


This 9W LED light bulb emits zero melatonin-suppressing blue light. It’s designed to be used worldwide and its omni-directional output is perfect for general room lighting in the evening.  Our 9W LED bub is now dimmable. (Note: This is a new feature. Any 9W LED bulb purchased prior to 8.08.17 is NOT designed to be used on a dimmer switch.) This bulb has a standard US E27 base which works well in any ceiling fixture and in most table, floor or reading lamps.

This bulb is not intended for outdoor use

Click here to view graph of light output spectrum of this bulb.

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Introducing our newest general purpose omni-directional LED bulb using the latest in LBL technology.  Our 9W LED bub is now dimmable.  (Note: This is a new feature.  Any 9W LED bulb purchased prior to 8.08.17 is NOT designed to be used on a dimmer switch.) This bulb uses only 9 watts of power yet provides ample light for nighttime activities such as reading your favorite novel. This bulb’s unique heat-dissipating design provides on average 40,000 hours use. The bulb’s 8 blue-free LEDs emit light throughout the visible spectrum above 510 nanometers and emits no melatonin-suppressing  blue light. The bulb has a standard E27 base and will fit most lamps and fixtures used in the USA. This bulb can be used worldwide however a country-specific adaptor may be necessary.  Like all LBL LED light sources, this bulb is mercury-free.

This 5 ounce bulb has a (standard US) E27 base.  It measures 2.25 inch in diameter and 4.75 inches in length and operates at voltages from 100 to 277 VAC.

 This bulb is not recommended for use in damp or wet locations.