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Blue Light Filters and Blue Blocking Glasses for the Holidays

If you’re looking for holiday gifts for your loved ones, consider a gift that is both wholesome and practical. Blue light filters and sleep glasses are the perfect combinations of both. LowBlueLights offers a full inventory of blue-blocking glasses and products to keep your sleep cycle healthy and immune system in top shape. Give your […]

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Blue Light Glasses Can Help Fight Seasonal Depression

  With fall on the way and the seasons slowly shifting, it’s important to stick to a schedule. That schedule, of course, is your sleep schedule. Shorter days and fall festivities all fight for our attention and can really alter our sleeping habits. These factors can influence our melatonin production, which ultimately leads to sleep […]

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Circadian rhythm

Blue Light and the Effects on the Circadian Clock

Light has always been linked to sleep patterns and how it affects your circadian rhythm. Often referred to as your circadian clock or “internal clock,” your brain cycles through sleepiness and alertness throughout the day at regular intervals. Typically, these cycles mimic a clock and changed based on the time of day. The rising and […]

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National Taiwan University study: People Drastically Underestimate Time Spent Using Smartphones

January 22, 2018 Study shows significant undersetimation of nighttime use of PCs, tablets & smartphones pointing to users being unaware of blue light encountered from their use. Unprotected use of screens allowing blue light to reach eyes causes sleep & health issues. See our Smartphone filters here: LowBlueLights Smartphone Filters

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Use of LowBlueLights Eyewear Shows True Promise Controlling Manic Bipolar Episodes, Mood & Improving Sleep

March 2017 Richard L. Hansler PhD Excitement is growing amongst psychiatrists & health practitioners after a landmark Norwegian study demonstrated individuals experiencing bipolar mania while utilizing LowBlueLights’ blue-blocking glasses showed marked improvement.  Manic patients were randomly provided either our specially designed 100% blue-blocking Sleep Glasses (test group) or clear (placebo group) glasses.  Both groups maintained […]

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